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  • StahnAileron says:

    Actually, if you look at the Lucky Star Re-mix 002 cover, the image of Miyuki there is similar to the Sheryl image on the Diamond Crevasse cover. The LS Remix002 CD came out WAY before Diamond Crevasse though…probably just coincidence.

    Also, one of the newer LS Drama/Radio CDs has a rendition of Konata parodying the Diamond Crevasse cover. Very nice too, especially as an “official” parody.

    As forthe LS cast and their singing abilities: I didn’t have many issues with it…But then again, I don’t hear them singing individually much, save for during the Karaoke ending songs they did.

    I have heard worse though.

    I can’t blame the MF people for not letting Endo Aya sing during the series…Considering good music is a staple of the Macross universe, I guess they weren’t gonna take chances.

    Ah well. I still like her as a Seiyuu. The few series I’ve come across with her as a char voice have been fun to watch.

    • it’s not that she can’t sing.. seiyuu can change their vocals and singing style. For example is Hirano Aya: she can sing beautifully in Suzumiya Haruhi series, but she sounds terrible in Lucky Star!

      Itu bedanya orang yang suaranya bagus (bisa nyayi) sama yang jelek (ga bisa nyanyi). Orang yg bisa nyanyi bisa bikin suaranya jelek, tapi orang yg suaranya jelek ga bisa bikin suaranya bagus..

      intinya: gua ga trima kalo Endou Aya dibilang ga bisa nyanyi!!