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Broadcaster Suddenly Cancels Kannagi


A broadcaster, the unfortunately named BS11, has cancelled its broadcasts of spirit anime かんなぎ / Kannagi without notice, with the reason being left obscure.

Kannagi fans need not worry (unless they happen to be using BS, in which case many are decidedly upset), as no other stations seem to be having difficulties.

Speculation is rife, but apparently the station is acknowledging (by its customer care centre) the decision even though no announcement is yet forthcoming, citing “rights issues”. How a station can suddenly manage to wreck its broadcast rights and have to delete a show from its roster in this fashion is not clear.

The most credible explanation surfacing is that the station managed to broadcast a CM for the anime before the officially sanctioned date, which may well have violated a contract. Still, it seems a severe response from the rights holder if so?

Dark whispers of them simply cancelling the broadcast because of poor ratings seem to be completely improbable, as they would likley be bound by a strict contract preventing this.

An observer on 2ch grabbed these shots of the mysterious disappearing anime:


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