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Clannad After Story Cut


Phenomenally well received romance anime Clannad After Story looks to have fared poorly on the station chopping block, but for once it isn’t ridiculous efforts at censorship at fault.

Instead, we find that digital satellite broadcaster BS-i (at least) will be broadcasting the anime in full widescreen format, with a comparison between the tightly cropped and widescreen versions readily revealing the anime was designed to be viewed in 16:9 and not 4:3, which is how it was shown on all terrestrial stations.

Some unfortunate characters literally don’t get a look in:


The snag is that for some despair inducing reason BS-i is broadcasting the anime three weeks later than the other stations (starting October 23rd, what you see above is the aired preview).

Clannad fans do not seem to be able to win this battle, save by buying the DVD (which is currently locking up the Amazon DVD charts with preorders).

Another DVD marketing initiative?


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