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Production IG Challenges Hollywood with CG Kiddy Anime


Production IG and Fuji TV are said to be laying down the gauntlet to Hollywood, with their just announced CG film collaboration, provisionally titled ホッタラケの島 / Hottarake no Shima, set to be a family friendly fantasy tale of a girl mixed up with a mysterious world. Most original.

They are keen to stress the need for such a project to develop internationally competitive technology, and to project themselves into Hollywood, in what looks to be an entirely internationally oriented production. In other words, they are keen to make some Pixar style blockbusters, a healthy enough ambition.

Whilst their new project may not be very interesting itself, a serious contender to Disney in such an uncrowded genre could be interesting indeed. And the prospect of CG success for Japanese firms could help rectify the recent unfortunate events

Via Sanspo.

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  • Are you kidding? IG are at the FOREFRONT of 3DCG work, given that it blends almost seamlessly with their 2D work (unlike Gonzo’s which stands out like a sore thumb). Every vehicle in Stand Along Complex, 2nd GiG, and SSS were CG. For Innocence, everything that wasn’t a foreground character was a CG model.

    Unfortunately this announcement pretty much squashes the rumor that the recent job postings indicated the long-delayed Blame! movie was finally going forward.

  • It goes without saying, they can make as beautiful a movie as FF:Spirits Within along with it’s BS story…

    …or they can go for the more cost effective look of Appleseed:Ex Machina with a greater focus on story and characters.

    A good film is remembered for it’s good story. Except Spirits Within, which was remembered as being a bomb at the box office, a disappointment to millions of fans while breaking technological grounds on the silver screen.

    Good luck Production I.G., hope you make the right choice; for us and for your bottom line.

    • I agree. What most Japanese animated features lack in is their ability to tell a good story. I think before they even think about pre-production, a well rounded and solid script must be written.
      Then comes the issue of technology…Japan isn’t really at the forefront of 3D movies. So far from I.G.’s repertoire they have only done cel-shaded 3D animation. Compared to what’s done in the US, it’s mere elementary work.