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Lolicon Holy War Fought Against Ban


Lolicon continue to exert themselves in defiance of government efforts to criminalise their harmless activities, and seem to have had some success, gathering more than 20,000 signatures on the petition which was held over C74, with a great many significant figures in the industry and beyond voicing their support for the efforts. They vow to continue the struggle.

The petition itself is still accepting signatures, and is due to be presented to the Diet, whose reaction should be interesting (Beako-esque theatrics seem unlikely, as it is really not a highly emotive issue in Japan).

As we saw, the Japanese government has recently been tightening censorship laws with a view to bringing Japan into line with western child paradise nations and banning underage sexual depictions.

Part of that effort is a proposed ban on fictional and drawn representations, which would not only spell an end to loli, but also likely to a great deal of other, more mainstream works.

This has been strenuously opposed by otaku and others, with the petition being highly visible evidence of this. Of course, gallant as their efforts may be, as any fool knows it is political contributions which determine the action of politicians, not petitions, however noisy.

Hopefully, the publishers and retailers who stand to lose business from such restrictions will be sensible enough to invest in some support?

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  • at least it still is legal in the Netherlands as besides is realistic looking drawn child porn they did make real child porn illegal like 30 years ago. before it was legal as long as nobody got emotionally injured. it stay´s an interesting debate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe if the graphic designers and artists also printed off a certificate stating their age as, I dunno 21, even if they look under 16, and also a letter of consent from the virtual girl. Would that suddenly be okay?

  • Anonymous says:

    so… people are retarded?
    banning a drawing
    ok fair enough thay MAY look young but how to know who old a drawning is?
    do u based it on the date of its posting or what
    and how about this what if ppl gave your lolis a cat tail and ears would that still be illegal is the eyes of some fukwit who cant tell the difference between cartoons and the real deal
    besides i think all banning it will do is waste time & money that thay should be spending on their own REAL kids. i mean wtf are thay thinking : /

  • It’s interesting that they write “fictional and drawn”, since fictional might also refer to stories (I believe you can get in trouble for certain stories in Canada). Would this also potentially mean such classic literature as Fanny Hill or Josefine Mutzenbacher? And what does UNICEF say about those things?

    And what would Unicef say if 10% of profits from loli comics were to go to some child charity (such as, say, UNICEF)? Man, I’d love to see what they’d say about that. 😀

  • I’d sign that too.

    Sometimes it seems the world is going back to the dark ages… there are absolutely NO excuses to ban stuff like that. This is censorship pure and simple.

    It goes along the same line of banning violent games to all ages or movies because of political content or whatever.

    Let me choose what I want to read, watch and see. Let me be the judge of what is good or not to myself.

    These proposal are made based on lots of preconceived assumptions by people who can’t have an open mind to other people tastes.

    • I myself am a bit of an old dude so I can testify for what the ban means for occidental morals. The way we (narrow-minded, i admit)see loli is as an personal offense towards our metaphysical idea of what children should be and an encouragement for pedophiles (whose very nature we abhor). We believe that loli will lead to: A) Through the seduction of our collective imaginery; more and more weirdoes will fantasize about having sex with our(not their since they don’t have any and therefore cant be responsible)children. B) Said imaginery cannot last, since its, after all, just a mental representation. The real thing will always be more vivid, more detailed, more real. Since C) the imaginery cant hold out they search for ways to extend it; be it through more graphical references, be it through real CP(Lolicon; as far as I understand is not CP though it depicts it) or worse; D) the prevalence of their individuality through the violation of our rights; actual rape. We are afraid of the later because of its effects both upon our children and our standing in society as well as our morals in general. E) We fear that these social phenomena will end up corrupting our Jewish-catholic morals. Be it through “victimized” children, be it through a larger number of pedophiles. Worse still, be it through the prevalence of an economical practice which, on the long run, will deform our spirit into some deranged, twisted non-human Aldouxlical paradox of pleasure without consequences; religion without sacrifice. In order to avoid this catastrophic outcome, we chose to shun and ban these practices. A conservative move? Yes. Will we be better off? I don’t know. This move may defend our culture, our spirit or national identity. But the price is rather steep: to remain the same. I think it was Bajtin who said “life is like chess, you have to make a move and you end up better or worse. Stillness is not an option” The world is shifting to a new era, and these conservative actions may be actually spelling doom over our culture, severing links to the development of the World and isolating our cultures. We may turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the future; becoming an Autistic child in the Global Millenium.

  • Anonymous says:

    “without laws, he humans would be dead already.”

    stupidest comment ever…

    Lolicon banning is just a step in order to finally ban porn, thanks to religious assholes, right wing cavemen and a sector of feminists in their period.