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3D Custom Girl XP Announced


Not content with the most comprehensive loli cosplay simulator heretofore devised (leaving aside SC IV), 3D Custom Girl developers Tech Arts 3D have announced another extension to the title, though in a spot of shrewd marketing they are keeping back details to keep fans guessing.


They proclaim “We won’t let it end with just SP2”, and then give notice of the mysterious “Project XP”.

We might speculate over whether this will be a patch (although their so-called service packs are akin to the expansion packs of lesser titles) or a full on paid expansion, but what is even more interesting to speculate on is just what could possibly be added?

Fan mods have added various special interest features such as futanari or bondage, though an official effort could likely outdo these.



Perhaps more likely than shota, or pregnant, or whatever else, would be an overhaul to the sex scene composition system, as some have complained about these aspects being too limited.

You can read the announcement here, and see plenty of interesting custom girls here.



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