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Shoplifter Stripped


As you can see from the below video, stripped may be too strong a word to describe what this shoplifter underwent at the hands of security guards, being forced to expose herself to the camera and being lashed when she tarried in so doing, but her humiliation was evidently the same.

Player 1

The video in question has garnered attention in the months since it emerged, showing as it does the evident glee with which the guards mete out some decidedly extra-judicial punishment to the lady thief, who seems understandably upset (though sympathy for her will doubtless be muted considering her ill advised criminal antics).


The details of the case are somewhat obscure, but it appears she was caught shoplifting in a large Shenzhen department store in what is purportedly one of the largest electronics shopping districts in Asia; she was then taken to their office and summary justice was served, a practice which apparently is not uncommon as rampant theft keeps such guards busy.

Beating and abusing shoplifters is illegal even in China, and it appears her captors all later left their jobs, though whether this was disciplinary or not is not clear.

Via Heaven.

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