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Daughter Plots Parent Murder Over Manga Collection


An aggrieved lady (36) who plotted the murder of her own mother, after she suggested she throw away her prized manga collection, comprising several thousand volumes, has been arrested. For good measure, she also attempted to secure the murder of her father into the deal.

The unemployed lady made a series of rage filled posts to 2ch, where she fulminated over what was said to her, and eventually asked if anyone would kill her mother and father for her, even giving the location of their workplace.

The thread in question was the “I really want to kill someone gathering”, and seems to have attracted a contingent of would be massacre instigators, as well as plenty of tip-offs to police.

Police made the arrest almost a month after the threat was made, which leaves open some interesting questions about the speed of their response, considering the board in question actually published the IP address of each poster at the top of their post.

The lady admits to her crimes, saying “I was told ‘clean up your manga and bin it’, but those manga are my most treasured possessions, my hatred just grew”.

It is not know whether assassination requests are accepted by 2ch.

The original thread is still going, and you can read a mass media report here.

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