To Love-Ru Faces Cancellation


Popular, or apparently not so popular, ero-tentacle manga To Love-Ru only recently concluded its negatively received anime adaptation, but now it looks as though the manga too will be concluding shortly, or rather, cancelled.

The strong suspicion that it will not live out the year, or at least the spring, emerges by way of its poor positioning in Weekly Shonen Jump’s popularity surveys, which also happen to be the major determinant of whether a title is cancelled.

Those titles finding themselves poorly positioned invariably tend to have suddenly accelerated storylines and unexpected endings, and To Love-Ru is in just such a position.

An additional reason to consider it in trouble is that it has been moved to the back of the tome, the meaning of which should be obvious.

It may yet pull through and live on as a third rank manga for a while longer, and fans are fervently denying the possibility of cancellation, but the very fact that such doubts are being raised is probably not a good sign.

The source is the various devoted Jump watchers on 2ch; you can read about their reasoning here.

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  • Can’t believe this became mostly a To Love Ru hate comments bunch.

    I didn’t watch the anime, didn’t care for it, but for me the manga was quite good and amusing, in its ecchi-love-comedy genre we are talking about.

    I don’t think that mix is so-old like to face unpopularity and so cancellation. Besides, it seemed quite popular before this post, observing how every week you could find it scanlated in many languages (was surprised I found it in mine) and the site, art and doujin coverage and spinoffs, including this site too of course.

    So I hope this is just some stray moment case, and that it may continue like it has been until now, being one funny and eye delight manga I really enjoy.

    Damn, just saw the date, TLR yet alive, well, just didn’t want that what I wrote went to waste, sorry ^^”.

  • If only…

    IF ONLY this $### was adult anime… If only it delivered on the nutricious “cheese” as opposed to just relying on the h-doujin creators who, obviously, know how to do their jobs better than the creators of this manga…

    It’s like; WHY?! Who were the creators of “To Love-Ru” trying to kid? 🙁

  • relentlessflame says:

    You know, whether or not it does in fact face cancellation, perhaps it would be more appropriate, at the moment, to preface the title of the article with “Rumor”, to add *May* Face Cancellation, or to put a question mark at the end of the title… Otherwise, you’re just being sensationalistic — the article goes on to explain it as a “strong suspicion” and “doubts” from people on 2ch. That is not the same as *actually* facing cancellation. ^^;

    • I appreciate what you’re saying, but to my mind, it is correct and appropriate to say it is “facing cancellation”, which is not the same thing as saying it has actually been cancelled.

      All manga which place poorly in the survey do get cancelled sooner or later, so unless it rebounds dramatically (unlikely given the anime has finished and was not well received), it will too.

      Finally, there was also some talk of leaked info, but it didn’t make things much clearer so I let it be.

      I do appreciate what you’re saying, and you should note headlines do include “?” etc. where appropriate, but in this case I think the wording is justified, and not sensationalistic.

      • Anonymous says:

        While it’s up to you how you pick the titles, it’s not accurate to use a title like that.

        The title actively implies that it will be cancelled, yet you have no evidence beyond statistics, which, while strongly correlate with cancelletion, do not always imply it.

        Though, I wouldn’t be suprised if it was cancelled.

      • relentlessflame says:

        The anime being “not well received” is also a bit subject to interpretation, given that sales for the first two DVDs averaged over 9,000 copies per volume, which is usually considered quite good. It was not well-received on message boards and places like 2ch, but there are many measures of success.

        I don’t disagree with the assertion that this may very well be a sign, and a historically-telling one at that, of cancellation in the near future. But saying “faces cancellation” is no different to the average reader than saying “is being cancelled”. People who don’t read the article will get a false sense of what is going on. Perhaps it’s not “sensationalistic” so much as it is misleading — it implies that something is impending, when it is more accurate to say that signs are pointing to that being the case. Perhaps it’s no big deal, but I’m just waiting to see the flurry of “I heard the manga’s being cancelled” comments everywhere now, even though it isn’t true (yet).

        Anyway, no big deal. Just a pet peeve, I guess. :p

      • Well, the manga itself is funny but it’s not QUITE a comedy (although it does touch on the cliches) and it’s not quite a harem manga. And it’s not quite great in terms of art or story, although it’s better than many ecchi comedies, IMO. It’s not quite much of anything, which may be part of why it’s not popular unlike Negima or some other manga which hits the moe/fetish points more directly.

        And given that horrible anime adaptation, anyone who turned to the manga and expected something similarly fast-paced was bound to be disappointed… which, if anything, is going to further drag down its popularity. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got cancelled – it’s better than many, but it doesn’t quite fit into any one category that would make it an inarguable success as a series. Hell, if anything, I expect the anime adaptation further eroded popularity or made people vote AGAINST it because they were expecting as bad a story from the manga – and unlike Negima, it doesn’t have the excuse of ‘even the creator of the manga thinks it sucked’, or the fanbase Akamatsu enjoys.

  • I hated the manga and the anime both, so good riddance. shit like this makes me angry that they even made an anime of it, when there are far more deserving manga that could be adapted like vinand saga, or they could fucking finish berserk, or redo the original FAIL that was the Gunnm anime. (battle angel alita in english speak) an akumetsu anime would also be awesome. but this whining gets me nowhere…

  • Bari Haken might get canceled first or Psyren :(. Hope they wont cancel Psyren. I’m pretty sure Bari Haken will get canceled first over everything if it isnt canceled yet. It’s been dead last for the last few weeks. Or they’ll cancel To-love-Ru first like what they did to Double Arts @_@.