Wii Anime Download Service


The Nintendo Wii is set to get a Video On Demand service this December, called みんなのシアター Wii / Wii Theatre for Everyone, and developed by Fujisoft, with anime and movies to be available via streaming download. Each episode is projected to cost from 100-400 Wii Points (or ¥100-400), and the WiiWare itself another ¥500.

The service might more appropriately be called a “rental” service, since it looks as if the files will only be viewable for 72 hours after purchase. The format will be standard MP4, so it looks as if their promises of “DVD quality” visuals will be possible, although it is not clear what exact quality the offerings will be.

As you might expect from Nintendo, they are emphasising family friendly and children’s programming, so expect plenty of Kanokon to feature.

There is no word on an international rollout, though it seems unlikely that any such service would follow the Japanese version’s lead in providing an apparently anime-centric service, although if we substitute “cartoon” for “anime” things might be a little more close to the mark.

In case you are wondering, it looks as if anime will feature prominently (that is to say, I am not emphasising that element myself) on the service, as all their materials are emphasising this strongly (“anime, movies, etc”), although this usage will include children’s cartoons.

Via the official press release.

Forgive my speculation, but wouldn’t this mesh well with the improved capabilities of the new Nintendo DS? And there was also the matter of WiiManga

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