Seiyuu Murder Plot Foiled


A young man (19) who threatened to stab a seiyuu, thought to be 茅原実里 / Minori Chihara (or みのりん / Minorin), who provides, amongst many others, the voices of Yuki Nagato and Minamike’s Chiaki, has been arrested.

On investigation, he was found to have made a post to a board, from a public computer at a community centre on the 29th of August, saying with reference to the seiyuu: “Die! On the 30th I’ll stab her with a knife!”

Police sprung on the man a month later, arresting him on suspicion of making the death threat. He admits to his crime.

The threat came to light when the seiyuu’s vigilant manager spotted the post, and reported it to police.

There is some doubt over the identity of the target of the threat; the only information released was that the seiyuu in question is 27; this rather narrows it down, and it generally seems to be thought Minori Chihara is the most likely target (there are not so many possibilities).

She has not officially disclosed her age, but it can be verified easily enough.

Via Sanspro.

Seiyuu fans are given to extremes of behaviour at times, and this is certainly isn’t the first time such an unfortunate threat has been made. Fortunately, their handlers seem adept at keeping them safe.

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