DS & PS2 Witches – Strike Witches Games Due


The huge success of the Strike Witches DVD edition has been accompanied by a commemorative event at Akihabara, with the cast in attendance; although the hoped for news of a second season did not emerge, announcements did include the news that there are to be Strike Witches games for both the Nintendo DS and the PS2.

Details are not forthcoming, though these titles would likely include shoot ‘em up elements. Who knows what could feature in addition on the DS version, but we might reasonably fear that the PS2 version will be the usual tired adventure game spinoff, perhaps with shooting elements.

Hopefully, an eventual nextgen title will set things right.


If you’re the impatient sort, you may wish to have a look at the free doujin shooting games released for the PC already, or even the iPhone eroge-like thing.

More on the events at source.


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