New Employees Made to Drink Toilet Water


A company whose training regime for new employees includes making them scrub toilets with their bare hands, and then drink the toilet water to guarantee its purity, boasts of how its program ensures only “excellent” employees are retained, and that it drives 40% of the trainees into quitting.

The company, an industrial concern operating in Nanjing, is said to entrust all new employees with cleaning the toilets as their first job; they must polish the latrines to a sparkle, without being allowed gloves or otherwise.

Then, in order to attest to the cleanliness of their handiwork, they have to drink from the very toilet they just cleaned.

Some among those subjected to this consider it little more than bullying, but the person responsible for training is said to set an example by drinking first.

The idea apparently came from Japan, where female politician and now cabinet minister Seiko Noda is said to have taken such pride in the job she did cleaning toilets at the Imperial hotel that she would drink from them.

We do not hear of her forcing those under her to drink from their own toilets, so perhaps something of the meaning was changed in the Chinese telling of it.

The regime is said to result in 40% of the employees quitting rather than demean themselves so, or put another way, 60% of their employees are enthusiastic toilet water drinkers. Those left are all “excellent”, the manager happily reports.

It is claimed this training is a good way of breaking the pride of young Chinese, characterised as spoilt “little emperors” due to their mostly being pampered only children.

Via Record China.

The first thing which springs to mind is that drinking Chinese tap water is already a dire prospect, so this is doubly cruel.

Otherwise, it seems an excellent method of ensuring employees possess the right stuff, if that stuff happens to be desperation, disease, unquestioning obedience, or certain very special interests…


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