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Yakuza Schoolgirl Busted for Blackmail Sex Scam


A girl and her hoodlum accomplice face blackmail charges after they lured a man into underage sex with the girl, and then threatened to expose him if he didn’t cough up ¥200,000.

The girl, a sixteen-year-old who apparently dropped out of school and ran away from home, teamed up with a male member (22) of the 親和会 / Shinwakai syndicate, who directed her into prostituting herself for the purpose of ensnaring men in underage sex.

The mark which led to their downfall was a salaryman (43), who sought out compensated companionship at an Ikebukuro dating cafe, and met up with the girl. Over several days he wined and dined her, and then decided to buy her. Once he handed over the cash, it was off to a love hotel.

A few days later, he was back at the café, whereupon he was approached by the yakuza, who had demands: “I’m yakuza. You paid to sleep with my girl whilst you knew she was only 16. You’ll be arrested for enjo-kousai (compensated dating).” He then offered to “settle out of court”, for a mere ¥200,000.

Police arrested the pair, and charged them both with attempted blackmail, and are lining up additional charges for the gangster. The girl says she embarked on her criminal career because she ran away from home, and then ran out of money.

How this came to police attention is not reported, though it seems likely the victim decided to take his chances with police rather than the mafia, an admittedly tough choice.

The “unfortunate” salaryman for his part protests that he had no idea the girl was only 16, though police are none too sympathetic, and are considering charging him with underage sex just for good measure.

With potentially everyone going to jail, including the supposed victim, this may be an ideal outcome for police.

Via ZakZak.

Frankly, this sounds as if it was the tip of the iceberg…

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