Idol Master AV Due


As if the news of Code Eros and ClannAV were not enough, and the recently released Evangelion AV not execrable enough, cosplay “parody” porn producer TMA is set to bring us the girls of Idol Master portrayed by porn stars in a full adult film, with music and dancing promised in addition to the obvious.

From what they have revealed, fan favourite Makoto seems to be strangely unrepresented…


Further details may be gleaned from the blogs of the performers themselves (Mika Nurie, Saotome Rui and Axis Anzu), though with difficulty, as writing is clearly not their forte. Perhaps their choice of career was not such a bad one after all.

Thankfully nobody seems to have told Yurika Ochiai (Yukiho) about this opportunity…

By way of tasteful alternative to all this, may I instead suggest an excellent Idol Master riding video or two?


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