Appleseed Genesis TV Anime Cancelled?


It would appear work on the latest adaptation of one of the great Masamune Shirow’s works, set to be a TV anime entitled アップルシード ジェネシス / Appleseed Genesis, is in dire straits, with the prior target of a spring 2009 release seemingly up in smoke, and the prospect of complete project cancellation being apparent.


The issue threatening cancellation is that the producers have apparently decided to drop the anime without bothering to tell even the studio responsible why, a gross contractual violation by the looks of it.

As a result, the anime studio responsible, Radix Zero, is now suing producers Micott & Basara, for non-payment of production expenses.

Radix commenced the project in April, with it being anticipated as a longer series continuing in the CG style of the popular films. Both companies have been heavily involved in the previous titles.

However, Micott gave instructions to suspend production in July, without explanation, and then unilaterally ceased all payments relating to the work. Micott apparently refused to respond to efforts by Radix to discuss continuation of the work.

How this will go will presumably depend on how well written the contracts were (and in whose favour they were written), though the case is being brought to court over contractual violations, so it would appear to be straightforward enough to seek relief. Just what on earth are Micott doing?


Via AnimeAnime.

Let us hope production can be resumed, for a quality CG anime like Appleseed would be most interesting to see as a longer TV series, especially at 26 episodes as was planned.



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