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Pantsu MMORPG ai sp@ce


It seems virtual lifestyle MMO ai sp@ce, currently in closed beta, is set to include a notable eroge feature in the form of plenty of pantsu exposure, with costumes able to exhibit underwear prominently (though they may actually be not-pantsu according to some, and as it is a beta they are quite possibly not intended as such).


The greatest fear of the prospective MMO wife hunter, that each comely female character conceals a flabby middle-aged otaku cooped up somewhere, seems to have been circumvented, as the female NPCs are simple pets or dolls.

Player 1

Just what else they can do other than be dressed up in almost pantsu and led through a low poly rendition of Akiba, which contrives to be as shabby as much of the real thing, is not yet fully clear.

Most MMORPG players will already be familiar with the prospect of undressed female avatars wandering through town offering special services, so there is little unique about this save famous eroge tie-ins, and Sims-like doll house elements.

Some are comparing it to Second Life, well known as a hentai haven, though since it seems to be devoid of any real creative opportunities this may be unfair.

Others are wondering just what, in fact, is the point of this? Currently, it seems to be shaping up as a 3D chatroom with virtual girl summons (which, it should be said, are behind the curve graphically) and redundant social networking features, which seems less than inspiring.

It remains to be seen whether there are elements yet concealed which will propel this title to mass popularity, although the almost indiscriminate buying impulses of some of the target audience should give it some boost, even if mediocre.

Via Ore-teki.

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