Anime in the Movies?


As you can see from the image above, recently released Hollywood horror flick Mirrors displays a rather unexpected and inexplicable extra, in the form of this Negima poster.

Given that most brands appearing in Hollywood titles (and in fact many in anime, if Code Geass and Pizza Hut are anything to go by) are paid product placements, it seems possible this is too, but the prospect of advertising Negima in a horror movie sounds a little improbable. Still, that poster is awfully prominent. What is going on here?

Thanks go to kind reader Nahata for the image and tip.

This is strongly reminiscent of a similar recent incident where a Haruhi poster was spotted in a Tylenol commercial.

Since the poster in question (at 0:18 or so) looked to be pop art rather that an actual, official illustration, this might be thought to be simple coincidence. Although it being noticed probably did not do the exposure of the commercial any harm…

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