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2,000,000 Hits


It seems like only a month ago (in fact it was exactly 31 days ago) that we had the great satisfaction of learning that Sankaku Complex had reached a million page views, so you will have to forgive me if I do not have as much to report now as I did then.

Daily page views are now in the region of 40,000 (not including Sankaku Channel, which contributes more than 10,000 alone, and will soon be at the half-million hit mark), with daily unique users now over 5,000.

Growth continues apace, so I will doubtless have to adjust the announcement schedule if I am not to be making one every other week.

As ever, I am delighted to extend my thanks to all who have seen fit to visit the site, and especially those gracious enough to link here, leave a comment, or tag or introduce an image.

There are some upcoming developments which will surely assist in propelling the site to the next level, further enhancing the experience for users, chief amongst them being the search for additional contributors; such matters will be announced in due course.

You are welcome to get in contact should you have any enquiries, solicitations, suggestions or otherwise. You can also get in touch with myself, or indeed any other registered user, using direct mail on the Channel.

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