Pantsu Hat Exchange


A man (36), who wore ladies pantsu on his head, and variously chased down schoolgirls, exposed himself to them, and demanded they exchange pairs with him, has been arrested.

On investigation, on two occasions he was found to have worn the ladies underwear as a hat, and pursued a female company worker, and on a different occasion a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, whilst urging them to stop and exchange pantsu with him.

In a separate incident, he exposed himself to three fourteen-year-old schoolgirls on their way home.

His prosecution is for violating prefectural nuisance laws forbidding obscene behaviour. He says he became excited upon seeing the shock and surprise of his victims.

We do not hear the details of the articles in question.

Via Itai News.

Expect him to use his exemplary record to secure a teaching position.

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