Minami-ke 3rd Season to be Reformed Okawari?


Minami-ke fans everywhere are in a state of grave despair with the news that the recently announced third season of Minami-ke is set to be a continuation of the oft reviled second series, Okawari, with the same producers, which was not previously clear.

However, it also seems that parts of the production will be going back to the original producers, so there may yet be hope for Okawari detractors.

Production will be undertaken by アスリード / Asread, who produced Okawari, but it is said there will be efforts to bring the series more in line with the first, by way of the involvement of the original producers, although official announcements are not yet forthcoming.

The key source is one of the animation staff, whose blog entry it seems was dug out by a 2cher. The blog has been deleted, apparently after this came to the attention of 2ch, but the entry is mirrored here.

The animator also talks about the difference in style between the third series and the previous ones, saying that the characters will look a little more mature, but be otherwise similar.

The whole fiasco is rather puzzling, and sad. Apparently, viewing figures for the second series were better than the first, although the DVD sold less than half as many copies (the first sold over 10,000 in the first week, a very respectable performance), so it seems those holding the reins are gambling on being able to ignore the protests of fans, or else they really do intend to repair matters.

The whole thing seems like a hideous mess, and a fine example of how not to produce a series, so it may be best just to wait and see what they come out with.

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  • Was I the only one who thought season 2 was ruined by a severe lack of hosaka, the minami brothers, and a dramatic increase in the infuriating coy yes man faggot that is Fuyuki? On another note, if that FUCKING piece of shit comes back in season 3 at any point, I will fucking drop, rage, and RAGE. Oh, and the mood of the show was completely ruined by the silhouette characters. I mean, for god’s fucking sakes, it’s fucking slice of life, so couldn’t the studio have predicted that artistry should be done artistically and not fucking cheaply (ie. Done so it’s meaningful, and not so that you can save money on a fucking 13 episode series)? It’s unfortunate, but season 2 was a disaster that came from nowhere. They could have gave more of the same. In fact, they SHOULD have gave more of the same, since fans wanted more of the same. But fucking hell, they were so completely out of it, they actually decided to shaft older awesome characters (ie. Hosaka and Minami brothers) to fucking insert FUYUKI? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Motherfucking god, they also failed to realize the draw of the show was in the fact that it was supposed to be a comedy. Every ep had a comedic punchline so to speak in season 1. However, in season 2, they took away the most of the comedy aspect and inserted contrived drama out of nowhere. I don’t know who’s idea it was to change the direction of the series, and potentially genre, but I think they need a severe backhand slap if they haven’t already received one. And so ends my nonsensical rant on everything I hated about Okawari.

    • I didn’t care about the change in visual style in Okawari….that’s only to be expected. What I disliked was the change in comedy/script….several episodes were so boring I had to resist the urge to not bother. Any time that boring little git who lived next door showed up, it was instant comedy death. Needs more crazy chest-fondling and crossdressing.

      • I agree, S2’s art was worse yes, but it was the mood and shitty writing for some of the episodes that made me give up on it, although I’m thinking of trying to start it up again, just so i can see how S3 does and not be lost.

        I’ll be praying they pull it together in 3.

  • Smiling Magician says:

    frankly, the comedy is the same, and it’s easy to enjoy in it’s own right. i liked the higher production value and the colours and all that. i see no problem. it’s just as good as the first really.

    the only problem i have with it is the opening and ending sequences. they were just stereotypical nonsense.

  • The main problem with second season was it’s backgrounds and colors, actually it made me and few of my friends feel a little sick after watching it for a while..

    it looked as if animators were on drugs…

  • I really enjoyed the first season and the art and animation was part of the reason. I also liked it for its characters, plot and sense of humour.

    Okawari’s art style used a darker colour palette, and had some interesting features like the black silhouettes (which actually fade into life in some scenes). It’s not as cute or pretty as season 1, but I still liked it a lot.

    The same characters, plot and sense of humour (same voices as well) are there in Okawari so it’s definitely worth watching.

  • I loved the first series. I was really happy to hear they made a sequel, Okawari, and when I watched the opening… I was sad. And by the end of the episode, I totally dropped it. It was just too much and too bad of a change, I absolutely didn’t like the “new” character design, even if it was to resemble the style of the manga a bit more…

    Third season, I was hoping they would go back to the S1 studio and character design, but as soon as I heard about them keeping S2 staff… I was mortified. I know that I won’t touch that one in a long time now, either.