Cosplay Vote Not Want


Prime Ministerial hopeful Taro Aso, or “Rozen Aso”, hugely popular with the otaku constituency for his carefully cultivated Rozen Maiden obsession, was lent some unconventional “support” at a recent rally, by the cosplayer pictured above. His sign says “Cosplay Squad”.

Plainclothes police soon took an interest in the man, who was not apparently doing anything untoward save engaging in a particularly tasteless bit of crossdressing cosplay; he was warned to move along, which thankfully he did.

It is not clear what grounds they had for moving along the man, but attending a political event so dressed probably violates some law or ordinance.

Perhaps Mr Aso could be forgiven for not wanting to be associated with this kind of “support” (pro-otaku or not, such support is likely damaging to his image), so police actions seem reasonable?

Via Sankei. Relief.

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