Chaos;Head Xbox 360 & Air Details


First an anime, due to air October 9th in various late night slots, now a port to the Xbox 360, due 2009 and to be titled Chaos;Head Noah, acclaimed adventure game Chaos;Head seems to be in the throes of conversion into a mixed media franchise.

One issue that has been raised is the degree of censorship likely to occur; although close to an eroge, the original title had little in the way of sexual material, so this is unlikely to be a point at issue in either format.

What it did have, however, is much in the way of blood – this seems likely to pass without issue into the game, but it will be interesting to see whether the stations make the same sort of fuss over the blood as they have over pantsu or the wickedness of the female form recently…

More on the Xbox version, and the air dates.

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  • I would like to agree with the post above, but then again I can’t, they are always censoring things on TV and particularly on anime. I’m not surprised if this gets fucked up. Chaos;Head for 360 that’s really good news, might as well start saving some money =3

  • Considering the amount of blood a lot of 360 games have (Gears of War comes and the Condemmed series come to mind), I’m sure it will not be too much censorship…except maybe for a particular scene I will not not mention for the sake of spoilers. Either way, it’s exciting at the possibility of this game expanding into something more.