Schoolgirl Makes AV of Classmates with Teacher

Schoolgirl Makes AV of Classmates with Teacher - ToHeart Another Days

A schoolgirl helped out her teacher, also her boyfriend, by taking hidden camera footage of her classmates bathing and changing, which was subsequently released on a pornograhic DVD, we hear. The teacher and his adult video producer friend have been arrested for producing child pornography, and police are looking to charge the girl too.

On investigation, police found that in late 2005 the girl, then a 16-year-old highschooler, was asked by her teacher (35) to install a hidden camera so as to video her classmates bathing and changing whilst they were on  a school outing to Kyushu.

She complied, and the teacher, in collaboration with his AV producer acquaintance, took the images and produced a DVD of them, which was sold over the Internet for ¥5,000 each.

Apparently, during her middle school years she was his pupil, and the two were intimately involved during 2005.

The peeper teacher offers this by way of an excuse: “I thought it’d be easy money with no work involved.”

The girl has this to say for her fledgling AV career: “I wanted to help out my boyfriend.” Police are also planning to charge her with making child pornography.

We do not learn of the title of the offending DVD.

Via 47News.

Reminiscent of a similar incident involving a lady photographing her peers bathing, though perhaps much more egregious… In fact, there are several incidents which immediately spring to mind. Japanese teachers really do beggar belief, though we might surmise many of their charges are not much better.


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