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Cop Arrested for Hugging Friend


A policeman (44), who hugged a lady friend whom he had just helped with moving her things, has been arrested for sexual assault, we hear.

The man, a technical officer at the National Police Agency, was helping out his female friend (30) at her abode one night, and once they were finished he hugged her, against her will, and touched her; he is said to have “clung” to her and touched her, though in what untoward fashion we do not hear.

Several weeks later, the lady decided to report the matter to police, who then arrested the man, and charged him with sexual assault.

He admits to hugging her, but says “I did embrace her, but there was nothing obscene about it.”

Via ZakZak.

A case of police malfeasance, or dubious and difficult to substantiate allegations being acted on disproportionately?

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