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Code Geass R2 DVD Nipple Addition?


There looks to be a good chance that Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 will be receiving something of a DVD power-up in the form of added nipples for both C.C. and Kallen, in a pattern now familiar.


The basis to thinking that female anatomical accuracy will be increased is provided by several character sketches for the third episode depicting the nipples in question prominently, though there is as yet no conclusive evidence in the form of “For the DVD” being written on them, as was the case with Strike Witches.


Episode three is due to be included on volume 2 of the DVD, due on the 26th of September, so we will know for certain at that time whether there have been changes.

Given how common this kind of ploy has become with the likes of Strike Witches and Kanokon, etc, it seems there is a good chance, unless they just enjoyed drawing the nipples for fun. Also, some of the official art has taken a steamy turn, so this might also be an indicator.

Whatever the case, fans, not least of all 2channers, from whom these images came, are desperate to know the answer. Nothing to it but to wait and see? Tide yourselves over.


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