As Man & (Dutch) Wife


We heard before of the female corpse which sparked a major manhunt only to turn out to be a highly realistic sex doll; the man (60) responsible for its careless disposal has been apprehended, and it appears he took the Dutch wife as literal wife, living together with “her” for many years after his wife passed away.

The full, and rather entertaining, details of the case we have already discussed, so picking up where we left off, police were at a loss as to who dumped the artificial bride, speculating that it had seen long years of use and had been disposed of out of embarrassment.

In fact, the man had lived together with the sex doll as man and wife for many years, becoming lonesome after his wife expired.

However, after he resolved to move in with his children, and out of concern for the burden his new wife was placing on his heart (presumably he was exerting himself regularly on her account, perhaps because she weighed 50kg), he decided to end the relationship, and so abandoned her to the wilds.

Police summed things up: “It looks as if he had a deep attachment to his companion of many years. He felt to sorry for the doll to break it up into pieces, so he dumped it illegally as it was otherwise difficult to dispose of.”

He turned himself in, saying “I’ve done an awful thing”, hopefully in reference to the fuss he caused.

Embarrassed police are looking to prosecute the man for illegal dumping.

Via ZakZak.

Perhaps he should just have married a Tenga?

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