Teacher Menaces Park with Nude Jogging


A man (52) has been arrested for menacing a park with his nude jogging; “Jogging felt good so I stripped off”.

Around 10pm, local police received a #110 report from a concerned passerby that a naked man was at the park, so they promptly headed to out to investigate.

There, they found a naked man loitering, identifying himself as a high school teacher (apparently a maths teacher), who they promptly arrested for being engaged red-handed in an act of public obscenity.

The teacher explains his actions with the legend: “Jogging felt good so I stripped off”, an excuse which seems not to have gone down well with police, who are investigating the possibility of charging him with additional crimes.

He was stark naked at the time of his arrest, having stripped to only his running shoes, placing his jogging outfit on a bench.

Darkly reminiscent of the man who got stuck having sex with park furniture… The appeal of naked athletics seems to be irresistable to some.

At least he did not direct his eccentricities onto, or into, one of his charges.

Via Asahi.

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