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When typhoons strike Japan, it is the schoolgirls who suffer, with the kinds of unfortunate images you see below being good examples. The other question which arises is why Japanese cameramen are apparently so effective at capturing these scenes; I have my suspicions


See also any of the various schoolgirl galleries exhibiting the cult of the schoolgirl in greater detail.

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  • well, i believe it’s not a national fetish. They wear the same uniforms in England. And it is thought about here in Germany, too.
    It is the Girls choice how short they wear the skirt! Like Beramode said.

    • OH, but hey, on the other hand, America has little girls and teenage girls idolizing women who dance and sing in lingerie, while Japan is a country capable of such works as Ichi the Killer and Gantz.

      funny how no country is perfect when it comes to sex and violence, eh?

      Yeah, I’m annoyed at all of the westerners who think their country adores violence and pushes away sex while other countries do the opposite. I read such comments on every site. Bottom line is that the whole world is hypocritical so such things.

  • Though honestly, if you’ve been to Japan, while this is normal for many girls, it’s because they do it. Most skirts go down to the knees, but most girls make alterations to their skirt or wear it higher, so that it makes it look like the skirt is unbelievably short.
    So while it is short, it’s the choice of many girls.

  • I seriously don’t understand how Japanese schoolgirls can wear those skirts, or why parents allow them to exist at all. I mean, one would think they realize that the skirts are not only completely impractical (especially during typhoons or simply cold weather) but also potentially very humiliating. I get it that these uniforms are apparently a national fetish, but still.

    Anyway, as for cameramen, I remember going “lol” during the opening (or closing? I can’t remember) ceremony of the Olympics – there was a part when the hostess girls marched around in short skirts, and the camera moved in a suspiciously low position, apparently for the sole reason of taking a peek under a girl’s skirt. 😀 They cut immediately away, of course, but it was late, too late…