Wig Man Invades Ladies Toilets


A man (41) wearing a blonde wig has been arrested after using a public restroom reserved for ladies; “My stomach hurt, but the men’s was full…” he pleas.

However, he must have an unfortunate complaint, for we hear that building security cameras have repeatedly caught sight of a wigged man entering the toilets over recent months…

His undoing came when a security guard at the station front store complex reported to police that he saw a suspicious wig wearing man enter the ladies toilets; police arrived at the toilets and found that a man wearing a wig emerged from the stall when they knocked. He was promptly arrested for trespass.

There was nobody else in the toilets at the time.

He explained his decision to use the ladies restroom thus: “My stomach hurt so I had no option but to try the ladies, as the other one was full.” And the blonde wig? “I like dressing up as a woman.”

Building staff were on the lookout for a blonde, wigged man after one was spotted entering the toilets on no less than four separate occasions since the start of the year. Police suspect him of intending to engage in some peeping, and are looking to pin some more charges on him.

Apart from the wig, the “cross-dressing” man was wearing a normal pair of (men’s) trousers and a shirt, with no makeup.

Via Sankei.

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