2D vs 3D CG – Tales of Hearts


The upcoming Tales of Hearts, for the DS this winter, is set to have two different versions, one with cutscenes in the anime style the Tales series has traditionally used to great effect, and another in a Final Fantasy style CG style; all of this is very puzzling, but what is even more puzzling is how the two will look.

As you can see, the 3D version comes of looking like “a gang of cosplayers”, and there is little doubt which version will be selling, in Japan at least.


What happened to the witch loli? The other two aren’t bad, but as for the males…

Designers do not usually attempt to force anime style visuals onto 3D, and I think the results speak for themselves, though were they less gaudy they might be very passable. I suspect the opinion here will tend towards the anime version?


There is also some interesting speculation that the anime version is for Japanese domestic consumption, whilst the 3D version is for the barbarian markets…

I would have thought that beautiful anime style visuals would be a selling point in this day and age, but perhaps Namco is disappointed with its inability to turn the (domestically) hugely successful series into an international hit series, with repeated disappointments evident in the localised versions, and is so looking to try something new (or old), by aping FF?


Looking at the images above, I wonder if they will succeed…

Via Ore-teki.

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