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Queen’s Blade: The Duel Ero-TCG


The latest addition to the successful Queen’s Blade crotch collecting game book franchise emerges, in the form of nothing less than a trading card game, Queen’s Blade: The Duel. The next Magic: The Gathering, only with oppai and loli? Or a tawdry cash in, soon to be forgotten?



It does look as if it might be better termed a collectable crotch game at times…




The art follows the same pattern and style as we have seen in the successful game books – tantalising and very well illustrated service, but nothing too extreme (tentacles and slime are, of course, not extreme in the slightest).

The game also follows the single combat pattern from the books, with moves designed to strip your opponent of clothes in true Soul Calibur fashion.

There are rare cards by a variety of notable illustrators, and as you might imagine, getting these requires some serious card collecting. Will anyone play this, or will they merely collect the rare ero-cards?



The game is set to go on sale on the 20th of September, with the starter sets you see here selling for ¥1,500 or so. Booster boxes are about ¥3,000.

You can see more at source, AkibaHobby. You can also see more of the game books on the Channel.

It will be interesting to see if this catches on. Leaving aside the question of whether the game is any fun, it seems the TCG adaptation will lose the allure of gorgeous near-ero full size illustrations, but will gain a much stronger hold on the collectors, so perhaps it could go either way.


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