Boys Love City Library Sexually Harasses Residents


A city library has faced harsh criticism for being packed with boys love/yaoi novels and manga, with the complainant demanding to know just how much the library has spent on its collection of homosexually themed erotica.

The library for its part reports nearly six thousand BL books, having spent nearly $40,000 amassing them.

The outraged citizen, calling it the “shame of the city”, complains that having the titles on the same shelves as other books amounts to nothing more than “sexual harassment” towards library goers, and speaks darkly of it being “harmful to children”.

The complainant cannot conceal their surprise over there being explicit titles targeted at the “shoujo” market (just what kind of market this is you can see here), and regards as positively scandalous the fact that the library carries so many titles featuring prominent illustrations of men kissing and embracing on their covers.

Answers were demanded of the local government, wanting to know just how large a BL library the city had amassed, and how much it had spent doing it.

A precise answer was given: “We have 5,499 volumes, costing ¥3,668,883.”

The city seems unlikely to take heed of these demands for it to carry more “beneficial” books, since BL books are extremely popular amongst Japanese women, and the library probably feels justified in ignoring limited complaints, in favour of continuing to satisfy the lust of female readers.

Via Livedoor.

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  • Anonymous says:

    wow!! i wanna try going into that library.. how come they’re so against BL when they approve of Yuri?? its so damn frustrating.. people have different preferences, just make sure that those that re reading it are of legal age..

  • Interestings.

    Some years ago someone published a book titled “Gatekeepers” in Finland, which basically was about librarians and how they, in effect, work as a censorship system – because most of them are female, libraries tend to sway towards books aimed at females.

    The most prominent example of this is erotic literature and pure pr0n, of course 🙂

    • actually I’ve had quite a few females complain about yuri being disgusting, degrading to women, and that it shouldn’t exist. (they all happened to be fat ass yaoi fangirls, and thus hypocritical idiots who just try to demonize anything they can’t understand.)

      I actually have a few friends (who are lesbians) who have been practically attacked by these hypocritical lesbo-bashers.

      moral of the story is, there are always an equal amount of idiots on either side of the fence, its just that you notice the ones on your side more.

  • Im not gay so I dont see what the appeal is. My gay friends will say “why didnt you stick up for me”. So thats why im anon.

    But really a library is no place for blatantly sexually explicit material. No matter what type. Yes kids do get bent to a side by viewing that sort of thing. You can tell just by looking at this site.

  • I think its totally fine for a library to carry books of mature content, as long as theres some sign on the shelf saying “Mature, 18 over only.” Then, if there are any issues, it’s the parents fault for not teaching their kids better (like how to read).