Riding Machine Ero Legends


Here are presented the top riding machine videos, in high quality. These are all widely agreed to be ero-masterpieces. For those not yet familiar with the genre/meme, these are essentailly video doujinshi of various popular characters using riding machines (Yayoi, Makoto, Nagato, Louise, Haruna, etc.), curious devices popular amongst Japanese ladies for their healthful effects.

Probably part of their popularity (the small part which doesn’t derive from their extremely erotic nature) derives from their ability to skirt NicoNico Douga’s censorship of adult content, whilst still providing the requisite stimulation.

Player 1

Yayoi, of Idol Master. My favourite, and also the first of the major riding machine videos.

Player 2

Makoto, of Idol Master. By far the most popular of the Idol Master cast, and in this video she is fantastically well animated. She’s not wearing any pantsu, either.

Player 3

Nagato, of the Suzumiya Haruhi series. Extremely popular, needless to say.

Player 4

Haruna, of To Love-Ru. The most recent, this video was repeatedly dropped from Nico for going to far, and a censored version was eventually allowed. However, this is the original, uncensored version.

Player 5

Louise, of Zero no Tsukaima. A little borderline in terms of quality, especially compared to the prior examples, but it seems popular enough.

There are a variety of others, but most of them are merely parodies or are poorly made, so they need not really be considered. Naturally, should any more appear, they will be promptly posted.

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