Girl Arrested for Charging Phone


A young lady (20) who had the temerity to charge her phone using a socket at a railway station has been arrested for theft of electricity, after a passerby called police to avert the robbery, having stolen 0.015 watt hours (or 54 joules), worth a shocking total of 0.03 yen ($0.0003).

The lady, a student, is suspected of charging her phone at a station whilst waiting with a friend. A passerby saw the crime in progress and dialed 110, summoning police, who came rushing the arrest the thief before she fled with her ill-gotten gains.

After being arrested the thief was repentant: “I understand now it was a bad thing to do.”

Police issued a reprimand, but did not consider her crime grievous enough to prosecute, treating it as a minor offence.

The police in charge had this to add: “Theft is theft, even three hundredths of a yen.”

Via Asahi.

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