Anal Judo Torture Ring Uncovered


A high school judo club doubled as a coprophagic torture ring, with a series of victims being subjected to humiliating and disgusting torment and sodomy, we hear.

The school operated a dormitory for the benefit of judo club members who lived far away, and it was here that the abuse unfolded, with one first year boy eventually cracking and uncovering the oppression.

The unfortunate victim had a number of cotton swabs (buds) inserted into his anus by his judo senpai, whilst being held down using the very skills the club sought to excel in, and the soiled items were then forced into his mouth. At least three of his seniors were involved.

According to the reports of students and parents, no sooner had a student arrived at the dorm than he was subjected to verbal abuse and beating, and later, anal judo.

The boy’s mother soon realised something was wrong, and got the sorry tale from the boy, which was all reported to the school. The principal questioned those accused, and was told it was “half a prank”.

The principal, and the parents of the bullies, all made visits to the boy’s household to offer their sincerest apologies, though the perpetrators have since graduated and seem unlikely to face real punishment. The school is apparently considering closing the dormitory over the incident.

It seems the unfortunate boy may have been only one of a series of victims, with many of the current third years apparently the victim of anal judo.

Via Shinmai.

An amusing aside: the Japanese term for “rolling pin” is homophonic with that for “cotton swab” (menbou), and one of the 2ch threads was “accidentally” started stating that anal rolling pin insertions were involved.

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