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Accidental Sex with 12-Year-Old – “I Thought She Was 9”


A man (21), arrested for his amorous antics with a twelve-year-old girl, had an interesting defence for his actions – he thought she was nine.

Police investigations revealed the man to have been introduced to the girl, in her first year of middle school, by a male acquaintance who knew her.

They met at a hotel, and there the man filmed himself having sex with girl, and saved the movie to his computer.

Police received an anonymous tipoff that the girl student had been involved in this, and on conducting searches of the contents of her phone, found it contained incriminating images, at which point they arrested their man.

As a result of all this, he was charged with both obscene acts and making child pornography. His admission was enlightening: “I thought the girl was a 9-year-old.”

Via the NHK.

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