Haruhi Wii Dance Game Cancelled


According to the official announcement by way of this poster, the much anticpated Haruhi dance game, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou, due late November and which we saw much of earlier, is to have its dance portion cancelled in favour of some intriguing minigames.

It looks like the replacements could be interesting in their own right:


Nagato Viewer – a game in which you can scrutinise Nagato’s movements via a camera. Looks as if it could exceed the dance game in popularity.


Haruhi fortune telling.


Mikuru Remote. It’s not clear exactly what this consists of, but Mikuru Beam is mentioned enticingly.


We also have this, and visible on the top picture is a baseball minigame.

It’s not clear whether, as some now believe, they actually dropped the dance component, or if they are practicing some amusing, if befuddling, marketing, and the games pictured here are either ficticious or minigames in addition to the dance component, with the exercise being a publicity stunt. The latter seems more probable.

At any rate, if they do go through with Nagato Viewer at the expense of the dance component, I’m sure protest will be muted.


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