Kagamine Insurrection


Seeing the superb job done with reworking this Kagamine Rin/Ren classic, giving it a full visual workover, I couldn’t resist posting it. Definitely amongst my favourites, especially now with the interesting mix of rap, text and manga style visuals.

Player 1


The original is quite popular at 250,000 plays after four months, but it wasn’t overly visual; with this corrected this MAD surely ranks amongst the very best of the Vocaloid crop, much as happened with the amazing Kokoro. My only misgiving about posting it was that it seems quite dependent on understanding/reading the lyrics, which adds a lot.

In case you’re wondering about the chorus, and the title: 下剋上 / Gekokujou refers to retainers supplanting their lords, a reference with a variety of interesting interpretations in this context…

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