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Lucky Star Printer


Your eyes do not deceive you. Brother have unveiled a Lucky Star printer (actually a multi-function device), targeted at doujinshi circles.

The model in question, the “MyMio”, incorporates the usual Lucky Star characters onto the exterior of the MFD (combination printer/scanner/fax, etc.), and was unveiled at “Brother World JAPAN 2008”, their product expo.

Lucky Star fans may be disappointed to hear that although the model is being marketed at doujin circles, the sales rep on hand at the event stressed to the crowd of onlookers gathered to see the device that it was only a test unit to garner the public’s reaction, and that the final design will differ.

It is not clear whether this means they will be including the illustrations on the final model, although it can’t be imagined that it would harm their sales to do so.


Via ITmedia.

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