Steam Witches


Tragedy Witches continues in the direction of drama and gratuitous plot twists, seemingly having developed into two separate titles, with the service orientated title now losing out. There is, mercifully, a short segment of Yoshika raep, and general oppai massaging and yuri ofuro antics, but the rest consists of the witches shrieking at each other in what must be intended to be High Drama.



Some will doubtless appreciate the not entirely ham-fisted, though totally clichéd, dramatic direction, but I cannot help but see these elements as little but farce – every serious scene features some kind of pantsu-like thing exposure shot, which in lesser anime would attract a mysterious foreground object or a convenient solar flare.

Who can take their carrying on seriously in light of this? Perhaps if they wore trousers…


The interesting bit then:



My suspicion is this episode is a DVD marketing tool. Even Lolihime now has it beat it terms of ecchiness; how the mighty have fallen.



Even the aliens (or victims of some freakish experiment in a moral dilemma plot twist for later episodes) sport pseudo-pantsu.


A cliffhanger. Expect more tediously predictable plot twists and dramatic lurches in the direction of military conspiracy anime.

Look for the witches to be subject to a sudden betrayal and have to grapple with higher authorities wanting to turn the series into Mecha Witches. Only Yoshika’s determination and the comradeship of the witches will stop them from being ground up into Spem.


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  • it seems that I am only one of the few who actually took the title seriously. I like all the hints and reference to WWII the series make.Not just in turn of weapons and the strikers and the archtype, but I was reading the forum and they even factor in specific event from WWII into there. Hartman’s panty steal was actually a reference to the actual Hartman wearing Hitler’s hat by accident while he’s drunk. Now that’s something you don’t see in every anime.

  • psuedonymous says:

    I was hoping for a BETA-end (Neuroi turn overtly hostile, start to take over witches, remaining characters go out in a blaze of glory), but that appears to have been scrapped in favour of a similar ending as Sky Girls.

  • The canned sperm was the only saving grace of this episode. The bath scenes, as they are now, are useless, and all the mediocre plot is achieving is making me hate the girls, particularly the Japanese ones.

    It would have been better had they gone all out with the drama, having Mio die limbs flying, and the rest shoot down Yoshika when she goes to the enemy. At least that would have been an exciting twist.

    Now there are only 2 episodes left and they are setting it up for a bullshit “Neuroi are not the real enemy” revelation. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but I guess this is Gonzo after all.

    • It is as you say.

      With only two episodes that leaves time only for pure drama, so the overall proportion of service and comedy episodes sinks to abysmal levels.

      It astonishes me how both the producers and some viewers manage to take this title so seriously… Its entire popularity rests on aerial kemono-mimi cake doing the splits in middair…

  • We seemed to disagree about Episode 9, but I completely agree with you on Episode 10. Why can’t we get two good episodes in a row, like we did with 5, 6, and 7. A battle is going on between Pantsu Witches and Drama Witches, and unfortunately, Drama Witches is winning…