Ero Doujinshi Surprises


The latest crop of ero-doujinshi springs a few surprises on us, and, in particular, Strike Witches shocks by actually having the lowest proportion of ero-doujinshi of the titles sampled. Other series also prove to exhibit some unexpected turns, not least poor Kanokon


Non-ero versus ero. These statistics are derived from doujinshi shop Tora no Ana:

Firstly, Pantsu Witches has clearly got rapidly underway, but most surprisingly, has the highest non-ero proportion of those listed. It has been around much longer than the latest anime, so this may be a factor in both these unusual findings.

To Love-Ru dominates by sheer numbers – clearly there is a lot of pent up demand for this title not being satisfied by even the anatomically rigourous manga edition.

What’s more interesting by way of contrast is that ero-anime Kanokon is so unpopular a target – presumably watchers are too busy with their homework, or perhaps it is regarded as so steamy already that little can be done to enhance matters, a plausible enough explanation.

Rozario and Sekirei I think can be allowed to pass without much comment – Sekirei perhaps suffers the same problems as Kanokon.

The biggest upset? How on earth did Kamen no Maid Guy get 15 doujinshi titles, and all of them ero, for a title already known for crudely scrawled service, and one so apparently scorned?


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