Priest Burns Down Temple to Destroy Wasp Nest


The chief priest (41) of a Buddhist temple resolved in an act of Buddhist compassion to burn out a nest of wasps, and in doing so duly had his temple smitten and reduced to ashes, destroying the entire temple complex.

The priest was infuriated by the nuisance a nest of wasps was causing, it having been established in a closet in the temple’s dining hall, with the wasps regularly and uninvitedly calling in for tea. His rage that of an Ashura, he resolved to punish the defiling insects with purifying flames.

He took a bamboo stave, set the end on fire, and proceeded to go about setting the hive aflame.

However, this was not agreeable to the wasps, which launched a spirited counterattack, swarming and stinging the unprotected man, and putting him to flight, giving chase.

In his rush to flee the frenzied insects, he cast away his flaming staff, and it soon caused the building to catch light.

With the temple complex being of wooden construction, the flames soon spread and a general conflagration ensued, emergency services being too late to do aught but sift the ashes.

The would be exterminator suffered not only stings but burns to his face and other parts of his body, as you can see above, but his injuries are far from life threatening.

Police have questioned the priest, though it seems charges will not be forthcoming.

Via Itainews.

As even the average halfwit knows, wasp’s nests are highly dangerous affairs, with their denizens prone to persistently chase down and aggressively chastise any interlopers – perhaps he was counting on the divine protection of Buddha? If so, perhaps he should have paid more attention to his teachings…

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