Otaku PM Causes Anime Stock Surge


With the sudden resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda, and the news that  麻生太郎 / Taro Aso (or “Rozen Aso” as he is also known) looks to be the new PM, the stocks of anime production companies and related enterprises have surged dramatically, likely in anticipation of very sympathetic handling from Aso, a man who plays upon his love of manga, and who appreciates the value of otaku culture.


With the expectation of content industry promotion comes rising stock; a selection: Broccoli (Gamers) manages an impressive 44.8% surge, GDH (Gonzo) rises 12.8%, Production IG 8.6% and Touei Animation 5.2%.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this rally can be sustained, and Aso is not PM yet, although he is chief secretary of the LDP, and the only top contender left, save a miraculous resurrection of mythical reformer Koizumi.

A similar phenomenon was visible when the rotten bowelled previous PM resigned, but the effect was more pronounced, and of course the currently departing comedy chimp impersonator got in instead. This time, it seems investors are being more cautious.

Via ITmedia.


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