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Dog Walking & Anal Administration – PaperChild


More from the great master of PaperChild, 佐佐木雪之丞 / Yukinojou Sasaki, also check the original article for more information and art. This time it appears one of his pets reached the limits of her endurance whilst unable to go out in the recent heavy rains, and in an unrelated case a painful throat infection forced a rather awkward looking administration of a suppository.

The rain is pouring so we can’t go out:

“Ho-hold on there, just where are you… !? It looks like she was holding it in because she couldn’t get out for a walk. Should have realised…”


Rectal absorption:

“She caught a cold. Her tonsils swelled up terribly, and her throat hurt so much she couldn’t so much as touch it. Since we had to administer her medicine, there was nothing for it but to try it as a suppository instead.”


His profile on Pixiv; alternatively peruse his outstanding works here.

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