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Girl Peeper Busted for Yuri Bathhouse Filming


A girl who secretly filmed other female patrons at a local bathhouse (sentou) using a hidden camera has been arrested, we hear.

The young lady (20), a student at a local technical college, was discovered after bathers noted her suspicious movements, and she was found to be in possession of a miniature camera hidden amongst her shampoo bottle and bathing accessories in a basket, which she had been using to film patrons as they changed and went about their bathing.

Police have charged her with causing a public nuisance.

It is not clear whether she was undertaking this clandestine photography for her own use, or whether she had another motive.

Considering all the videos which feature in the thriving AV subgenre of onsen/sentou/changing room peeping must come from somewhere, and more often than not are obviously being carried out in precisely the manner described above, it might be reasonable to suspect the girl of a commercial motive.

Via Sankei.

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