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Tragedy Witches


Former loli pantsu anime Strike Witches continues its misguided descent into farcical martial camaraderie action anime with the latest and ninth episode. Pantsu fans are sure to be on the verge of desertion if this continues, which seems quite possible.


The episode hits an all time low in terms of service, with event the gratuitous not-pantsu exposing flybys reduced to tantalising split second flashes of stripes, and the majority of the anime taken up by yuri witch rivalry and monologues on the importance of duty. A far cry from earlier episodes


You were hoping for Yuri Witches, perhaps? Not this episode. Yoshika molestering runs into mere seconds, rather than the minutes we are left expecting from previous episodes.


About the only relief comes in the form of English Witch’s springily animated frontage, and this hardly seems set to appeal overmuch to the cake aficionados who make up the bedrock of the title’s viewership.


Would this be an error? Should the writing be inverted like that? And look at the hands… It all looks very awkward, at the least.


Nurse Witch action? Wrong anime, I’m afraid.



Tragedy strikes, expect it to take up most of the next episode.


Can the series yet recover from this? Are there really any viewers appreciative of a pantsu anime with no service, or a martial sci-fi drama full of ridiculous pantsu-like thing wearing kemono-mimi lolis? Perhaps we should be watching Lolihime Musou instead…


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  • I have to disagree with all the haters. I think ep 9 was the best episode yet. Strike Witches is so more than just crass erotic fanservice, it’s the loveable and relateable moe characters that make it work. I find Yoshika, Mio, and Minna’s struggles thrilling and engaging.

  • Horrible. It’s not hopeless, but they’ve already wasted 2 episodes on crap no one cares about. Or no one shouldn’t -I know people will defend anything.

    It’s pretty obvious what Strike Witches’ selling points are, and they seemed fairly competent at exploiting them in the previous episodes, so, what happened? I don’t come for a rich wartime story, or to witness the anguish of youngsters in the frontlines. I’m certainly not interested in the stock enemies or the tired cliché of machines that only children are able to pilot.

    I want light entertainment, blunt fanservice, looped videos on nico, imageboards spammed with underwear, and the occassional fight scene where things look bad but they manage to save the day and come back to the base to grope each other’s tits in the showers.

  • Episode 8 sucked balls, but I thought Strike Witches redeemed itself with Episode 9. I don’t know about you, but I’m not just in it for the pantsu. If it’s fan service you’re looking for, you should probably stick to something like To-LOVE-Ru. Lol. =)

    • If it’s drama you’re looking for, you should probably stick to something like Antique Bakery.

      Pantsu Witches is supposed to be all pantsu, all the time. If I want aerial warfare martial drama, I watch a masterpiece like Last Exile, not some ridiculous anime with girls flying around with no drawers on…

      • Hear hear. The story in Strike Witches is nothing remarkable; it’s basically just a rehash of every single Imperial Navy-era anime cliche. Plus Strike Witches isn’t the first to combine Imperial Navy-era settings with cute girls (Virgin Fleet, Raimuiro Senkitan, Sakura Taisen, etc).