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The Grievous Injuries of Aya Hirano


Idol and dabbling seiyuu Aya Hirano sustained no less than two serious injuries in recent days, both perhaps related to her long and losing battle with obesity, we hear.

Firstly she sustained a major minor burn to her wrist, which she attributes to carelessness, vowing no repeats. It seems likely the injury was sustained in one of her interminable okonomiyaki sessions, the cause of her current expanded girth.


The second injury to befall her was all the more severe: some days later, she apparently was chomping through another helping of okonomiyaki with such vigour that she chipped a tooth, and swallowed it together with her beloved fried meats. She is undaunted by these injuries, and her beloved dish is unlikely to feature any less on her table. In fact, she vows that she can fry anything.



You can read more about her gastronomic antics on her site, Aya Drama.


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