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Otaku Bully Seiyuu into Abandoning Blog


Seiyuu otaku seem to have subjected the object of their fascination, seiyuu 葉月絵理乃 / Erino Hazuki (leading role in Aria, also known for Blue Dragon, amongst others), to such a campaign of harassment that she has seen no option but to suspend her blog, and stop accepting mail from fans.


She has this to say:

“Thank you all for being kind enough to visit my site and blog. It’s sudden, but I have to inform you that I’ll be removing the mail form and suspending updates of the blog.

I’ve been delighted to receive warm mails from so many, but this year I started to receive mails from a few which were inconsiderate, and worrying to me. I administer and run this site myself.

It’s disturbing to receive such mails, and so I looked into how best to deal with the matter. But the only solution which came to light was “temporary suspension”, so I hope you can understand my decision.

When it will reopen is not decided. I would like to see how things go.

Updates may have been slow to begin with, so this situation looks set to continue.

Thank you all for visiting my homepage,
Erino Hazuki

Since the details of the mails are not revealed, it is a matter of speculation as to whether she did indeed receive particularly harassing or otherwise perturbing mails and comments, or if instead she is merely a sensitive flower.

Given what we know of maniac otaku behavior in this field, I would be inclined to think that she may be acting proportionately, particularly as she says she is dealing with these matter personally, which must become unpleasant after a time. She is also a less popular seiyuu, so perhaps she is bereft of the supportive retinue such personalities can accrue? That said, there are seiyuu who know how to deal with this nonsense.

At any rate, I’m sure you’ll agree it seems a pitiable state of affairs…


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