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Sekirei Nipple Special Delights


Overbearing oppai anime Sekirei seems to have had a mysterious recovery from its previous steaming up, as the latest episode, the ninth, is packed full of form hugging pantsu and nipples entirely devoid of the vapourous shroud we are becoming all too used to seeing in television broadcasts.

The last episode was like so:


And this episode:


If the character faces weren’t visible we might’ve thought someone had capped a Kanokon DVD by mistake, but this is not the case. About all it lacks are the episodes of near or simulated sex, or the oppai grab moves.

It seems that this is from a late night broadcast (actually not that late, at only 11PM) on Tokyo MX (who also aired Pantsu Witches bereft of mysterious aerial phenomenon), so maybe other stations will be more censorious. There is some interesting speculation that this may be the result of some wretched complaint, but if so the stations must be banking on viewers having an awfully short memory.

The good source.


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